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Our Prime ingredients

fungo avocado

Parisi eggs

Laid by free-ranging hens raised on grains and goat milk near Livorno,
these eggs are very high in protein, and have a mild, almond-like aroma.

Ancient grain flours

Ancient grains are original, centuries-old varieties of grain that have not undergone any sort of yield-enhancing genetic alteration over time. These flours are made with Italian varieties of low-gluten wheat, and stone ground to preserve the wheat germ nutraceutical properties. They are light and easily digestible.

Raw milk cheese

These cheeses processed at 38°C (100.4° F), and include Parmigiano Reggiano, some varieties of pecorino and alpine cheeses.
They provide vitamins and bacteria necessary to maintain a healthy immune system.
Aging ensures these cheeses have low lactose content.

Kelp algae

This superfood helps us metabolize fats. Its high antioxidants and calcium content helps prevent diabetes and tumors. In other words, this is a tasty panacea.

Black garlic

Fermentation eliminates the unpleasant collateral effects of garlic, boosts its antioxidant properties, gives it an intriguing range of aromas, spanning from coffee to licorice, and best of all… it’s kiss proof!


Aptly named from the root word for “feeling good”, kefir is a fermented milk drink rich in vitamins that give it a slightly acidic taste. This outstanding probiotic originated in the Middle East.


This inulin-based natural sweetener has a very low glycemic index, is rich in mineral salts, and helps metabolize fats. It is sweet, healthy and light.


Chia means “strength” and its seeds are rich in calcium, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and have high protein content. This superfood helps keep the digestive and nervous system healthy.

menta zucca