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Solo Crudo Revolutionary Kitchen About people

We are what we eat

The sophisticated techniques our Chef Riccardo Rosetti perfected at Michelin star restaurants around the world allowed us to expand our menu with a variety of dishes true to the principles of raw food.

We developed a revolutionary approach that ensures our guests’ proper daily nutrition intake through foods like starches and legumes, which cannot be eaten raw but are nonetheless crucial to satisfying their daily energy requirements.

Research and experimentation led us to pairing the classic Raw foods that made us famous and eminent on the culinary scene of the last few years with gently cooked dishes that respect the ingredients and preserve all of their essential nutrients.

The result is an explosion of taste and colors, an unforgettable epiphany of intense aromas and authentic flavors that nourish your health and well-being.

Solo Crudo Revolutionary Kitchen About chef avocado

We put our heart and soul into our dishes. We only use seasonal ingredients and techniques that preserve all of their nutrients.
"Mens sana in corpore sano"

Raw Food & Gentle Cooking

We care about people’s health,
and hope our menu will motivate our guests
to assess their eating habits, and shift to a healthier diet
of raw and gently cooked foods.

Solo Crudo is not merely a restaurant
that applies the principles and techniques of Raw food;
Solo Crudo is where you find the energy necessary
to withstand the frantic pace of everyday life.

It is a daily opportunity to enhance your psychophysical well
being without foregoing great tasting gourmet food.
Behind each dish on our menu are carefully selected ingredients,
skillfully combined to transform
every single bite into a unique culinary experience.



The care, love and passion by which we choose our ingredients and the science behind our philosophy are key to creating wholesome, great tasting dishes.